MAKE: Dual Hikvision 2CD-DS2032-i IP Camera Mounting Plate




I needed to mount a pair of cameras on my exterior, and came up with a low profile mounting plate that would require only 1 cable hole for both cameras. By doing this, I was able to minimize the number of holes in my stucco wall. But to keep it low profile, I need a 25mm.1″ hole minimum in my wall to pass the Hikvision CAT5E connector seal.


The design started off as a personal project for a side of my residence where I needed to mount 2 cameras.


I actually designed the plate to support a 3rd camera in the middle, so the design is longer than needed


Once designed, I had the plates manufactured at a local tool & die machine shop, from aircraft grade 6061-T6.


It took a few weeks for them to get made. When they were ready, I picked up the parts, covered with machine oils. I degreased them, sanded them, washed them, primed them and then I painted the parts to match the color of the exterior wall.


I had pre-wired the camera position by crawling around in my attic.  On the day of mounting, I drilled a 1.375″ (35mm) hole in the stucco and sleeved it with some thin walled aluminum tube (1 3/8″ X .058″ 6063) and sealed it all with RTV.

Next I drilled 2 1/4″ holes in the stucco and inserted a pair of Toggler Alligator AF6. Although the plate had 4 mounting holes, with these anchors, 2 is more than strong enough.

Once the RTV cured, I pulled the 2 x CAT5E through the sleeve and attached them to the cameras. Then I mounted the plate to the wall, them mounted the cameras to the plate.

The design is such that I wanted to hide the mounting screws under the camera mounts. It makes it trickier to install, but gives a cleaner look and makes it more difficult for the bad guys to remove.

.Finished Install


I’ve had a few folks ask for me to sell them some of these plates. Well, rather than endure the wait of my tool & die shop, I decided to modify the design to make is suitable for 3D printing. The modifications include making it smaller to support only 2 cameras, and ribbing it out to reduce the material weight, but maintaining the rigidity.

So to test the waters, I am now offering my design as a 3D printed part, through Shapeways. If it goes well, I can add more designs to the store. Let me know if you have any suggestions of something you would liked designed.



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